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Paul Stevens
I also work with couples – people who want to focus on addressing  the issues and
difficulties they face in their relationship with the aim of managing conflict creatively
and promoting effective communication and interpersonal harmony.
My rates are very reasonable and may be tailored to individual need.
Concessions may be available. Please contact me with no obligation
for information on current  charges.
I work one to one with men and women of all backgrounds and histories.
Since 1997 I have led workshops and facilitated groups on personal and spiritual development. I have run these in Clapham, South London and now more recently at
my current base In Burnt Oak Lane Sidcup.
My aim is to help people not only to release personal blocks and heal the emotional hurts they carry, but also to guide them in reconnecting to their vision for their lives and discover the potential they have to become fuller and freer people.
Every person is unique so I work to match the approach that I use to the needs of each
Individual. This will always be a ‘talking therapy’, but may include empathic listening,
exercises to alleviate anxiety or phobia, relaxation techniques, working to explore and
release painful memories and reconcile inner conflict, encouragement of self-acceptance
and personal growth and facilitating people to trust the healing power of their
inner resources.
I have led workshops on the following themes:
  • Introduction to Psychosynthesis
  • Expressing Our Love and Our Power
  • Discovering the Inner Child
  • Working with the Chakras
  • Realisinig Your Purpose
  • Living in the Spirit, Loving from the Heart
  • Hearing the Call of Spirit
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